Design engineers to fully realise your innovation

You’ll appreciate that the design and engineering phase of any new big steel technology is complex and highly specialised. And with decades of experience as leading design engineers to the mining, agricultural and manufacturing sectors, Trang Imagineering is more than equipped to fulfill just about any technology design challenge.

Here’s a closer look at our engineering solutions and services:

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Mechanical design

Most of the items we design are steel based, and include beams, plates, bearings and shafts. Plus we also design plastic components, such as vacuum formed, or injection moulded parts. Our process is inventive yet meticulous, and always geared towards the optimal functioning of your technology as a whole.

Industrial design

At Trang Imagineering our primary focus is always an end product that operates with outstanding efficiency. But we also understand that good looks can often boost commercial desirability. So wherever possible we strive to make your innovation as good looking as it is high functioning.

Sketch concepts

This is more of the brainstorming process, whereby we there are various options for the design path forward, the concept process often helps in selecting the best way forward without investing heavily in design but to find out it may have had a superior outcome if another concept path had been taken.

2D & 3D CAD design

Just as tradesmen have tools, so CAD is a valuable tool for our designers. Our wide variety of CAD platforms include both 2 and 3D. Our experienced designers have the whole CAD repertoire at their fingertips, including past and present versions, and will always use the best format for your particular project.

Photo-realistic rendering

Our cutting-edge software gives us huge scope to render your designs for a wide variety of purposes, either in studio type situation, or overlaid onto operating environment settings. It allows us to prepare presentations, websites and manuals prior to product manufacture, and also depict possible future models within your range.

Stress analysis

Our engineers are able to analyse the design of products for strength. This is conducted through a simulation process of applying loads to the design in ways that are consistent with the way the product will be used. In this way we can confirm the product strength or identify any weaknesses.

Concept development

This is when we progress your design past the concept phase into detailed design. The concept design can be as simple as a paper sketch, with some practical limits and considerations. Concept development includes much more detail, including patent searches, and design and patent registrations.

Prototype development

A prototype doesn’t always have to be a replica. It can often consist of a different form of the product, to verify that your technology works. In this way we can separate out the key elements of the technology that we want to test, rather than adding to your costs by validating adjunct functions that are already proven.

Design for manufacture

Design for manufacture is a similar process to design for assembly, but applied to the factory. This involves a large number of complex considerations and calculations. Some examples include designing a part for manufacture on a specific machine, designing a part for easier manufacture, or simply testing whether a product can be built in the first place.

Design verification

At Trang Imagineering our experts always perform a design risk assessment to detect whether anything has been overlooked in the design, or could go wrong. You’ll find scrupulous testing and troubleshooting is central to our process – we leave nothing to chance in our total focus your project’s success.

Mechanical strength analysis

Otherwise known as FEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). This is a simulated engineering and calculations operation to make sure that your design is strong enough. Trang Imagineering’s reputation as one of Australia’s leading mechanical engineering consultancies has been gained from decades of meticulous attention to detail, both big and small.

Industry standard compliance

Our professionals are very thorough when it comes to making sure your design complies with relevant Australian or international standards. And if your innovation doesn’t appear to be covered by a particular standard, we’ll find a proven product similar to yours and make sure your technology conforms to the particular industry accepted benchmarks.

Engineering construction management

When you partner with Trang Imagineering you’ll always be assigned an expert project manager, to oversee your project and make sure everything is going to plan. This includes the construction and verification processes, as well as finding solutions to design improvements if and when they’re needed, not right at the end of the process.

Material specifications

The crucial selection of the right construction materials for your project can simply come down to the correct grade of steel, after FEA testing. But we’re also careful to identify issues arising from factors like corrosion, weight and design and patent issues. In these scenarios we may select aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, or something else entirely.

Risk and safety improvements

Safety testing and compliance to the correct standards is of course critical to your project. If we discover an area of safety concern, we’ll review your design. And if we can’t fix it we’ll find an alternative solution, ensuring that your technology is wholly compliant, and safe for all concerned.

Design management and support

In the event that your design needs modification in the future, Trang is always here to provide the necessary modifications. For example, an alternate OEM part may be offered, or a better process developed. And we’ll always use revision control to detail updates, plus record old scenarios for spare parts purposes.