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Work Health And Safety

Trang Imagineering is founded on a strong belief in our core values. These values drive us to constantly improve our working environment and our commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS) of all our employees to ensure a safe working environment.

As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of health, safety and environmental sustainability, we recognise our moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors, customers and visitors, and to ensuring that our operations or activities do not place the local community or environment at risk of injury, illness, harm or damage.

We recognise that the overall responsibility to provide a safe and environmentally sustainable workplace rests with management, who will be accountable for the implementation of this policy.

We are committed to encouraging consultation and cooperation between management and workers, and will formally involve workers and elected health and safety representatives in any workplace change or any matters that may affect the health and safety of workers.

The management of Trang Imagineering is responsible for implementing this policy through the provision of resources, systems and training across our operational areas. Health and safety considerations will be given priority in planning, supervision and execution of work.