Trang Imagineering brings new ideas to life via a rigorous approach to design and engineering it’s where Innovation and Engineering come together.

Through our end to end design process we create effective innovation that delivers value for our clients.

Our design process is what sets us apart. By working with our clients to fully understand their needs, we systematically identify change opportunities, and ultimately deliver results that work.

Our passion and expertise within mining and manufacturing is strongly supported by our diverse experience, solid processes and qualified team.


We work with you to design for your requirements; whether that be functionality, cost efficiency, safety, usability or performance. 

Our team are trained in asking the right questions to understand your project needs.

We ensure the ideal outcome is well understood and that the best effective change opportunities are identified upfront.

This is key to discovering the right solutions for your project.

We take innovative ideas, create strong designs, and deliver results.

Let our proven processes in engineering design and development take your ideas to the next level.


We understand the commercial nature of many of our innovation projects.

Our facility has been custom designed and built, and we have implemented processes to ensure projects are kept confidential.

We generally engage in confidentiality agreements with our clients.

In practice, our staff training, secure filing systems and dedicated work areas ensures projects are secure.

Confidentiality is core to our values

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